dimanche 26 août 2012

The Evil coffee machine

As promised, an english article about my first experience with the coffee machine.

Í dag, ég var að elda kaffi. The coffee maker was like that : 

Still innocent, I put some coffee inside, some water, put in on the electric plate, everything was all right. Eftir, spilaði ég tónlist, with my new orguan ♥ And obviously, I did not pay attention to time. Suddenly, I just heard a strange noise. Like a rocket noise o_O So I ran to the kitchen and ...

All the kitchen was covered my ... coffee. Coffee, everywhere. The Evil Coffee maker was steaming and far away from the cooker.

You can see by yourself, every single part of the kitchen was covered by coffee. Dry coffee and liquid coffee (for more FUN. ) 

After trying to clean the kitchen for 2 hours, I decided to never use this evil stuff anymore, and buy a real coffee maker. Fakanál !! When I came back from Kringlan (the big big mall in Reykjavik), I saw my landlord trying to clean the kitchen roof : "What happened heeere !". And we spent again some time to clean the kitchen... 

But now, everything is gonna be all right, I bought a new one (and a real one.)...

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  1. Je sais ce que ça fait d'avoir un appareil électro-ménager hanté, donc je compatis fortement.
    Cependant, j'ai un peu peur que d'ici quelques mois tu te transformes en Islandais parfait qui dira des mots bizarres que je ne comprendrai pas (grammaire allemande ou non) auquel je répondrai juste TAKK.
    Mais je te lirai toujours, j'aurai l'impression de suivre un blog elfique ou autre <3.